Downtown Music Sydney offers a full range of services & repairs to instruments.

From a simple setup (including neck adjustment, intonation, cleaning & restring) of an instrument to a complete overhaul, we have the expertise to get your equipment back in good working order.

Please note instruments are assessed case by case.   In some circumstances instruments are sent to a third party specialist repairer.   

Repair quotes paid in advance - deducted from the final cost should the repair be undertaken.

Guitar repair quotes:   $75.00

Set ups range from $79.00 – $139.00.  Prices vary according to instrument.

Call (02) 9569-2744, for more information.

appraisals and valuations

We provide vintage guitar appraisals for insurance companies. This service starts from $75.00. 

For more information please call  (02) 9569-2744 or email us via our Contact Form.